Dinosaurs Round Printed Latex Balloon 12in / 30cm - Pack of 5


Tip: Don't forget to buy balloon weights to keep your helium-filled balloons grounded. Not sure how many balloon weights you need? Read our FAQs or chat with us.

How long will the balloon stay inflated?

  • 10-12in latex balloon: ~8-9 hours
  • 36in latex balloon: ~10-12 hours
  • Foil balloons (except air-filled balloons): ~4-6 days
  • Crystal balloons: ~2-3 days
Note: Balloon float times can vary significantly based on factors such as size, material and the environment where the balloon is placed. Above is an indicative idea based on "ordinary" conditions.

Pack of 5.

For a fun and colourful party!

We love these 5 balloons printed with dinosaurs. Perfect for enhancing the decorations at a multicolor or dinosaur-themed birthday party! They would also be perfect for a summertime party!

The balloons measure 30 cm.

How will I get my inflated balloons?

How long will the balloon stay inflated? Do you offer helium inflation service?

  • Please visit our Balloon FAQs page for these and many other topics!

I still have other questions. Can I talk to someone?

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