Dinosaur Pinata 50cm x 41cm x 14cm


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Pinatas are a key part of children's birthday parties!

Fall in love with this fun dinosaur-shaped pinata! Perfect for livening up a dinosaur or green and orange-themed birthday party! Fun and laughter guaranteed!

The pinata is sold by itself without sweets or presents.

Size: 50 x 41 x 14 cm.


This pinata is made out of cardboard and is therefore quite rigid, so it can be difficult to break open!

Traditional method: Use a stick or a pole, go wild and break open the piñata.

Soft method: Certain piñatas can be opened by pulling on the strings.
Although practical for young or non-violent children, this is not the most reliable method. Sometimes, the strings are not securely attached, therefore in order to free the sweet and surprises, feel free to pre-pierce some holes around the ribbons (using a sharp knife, a cutter or a pair of scissors). The piñata will break open more easily, avoiding any disappointments!

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