Zuru 5 Surprise Pink Mystery Capsule Collectibles - Wave 2 (1pc)

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1,2,3,4,5…What's inside your New 5 Surprise? Unwrap, peel, and reveal this all new capsule and find 5 surprise toys inside!

This all new capsule combines the excitement of unboxing with the thrill of collectable toys! Each capsule contains 5 segments sealed for a big reveal. It features over 100 new toys including sticky slime suckers, gross monsters, glowing figures, transforming creatures and much more! Can you find the ultra are toys like LED watches?! Over 100 new toys to find!

5 Surprise

Hundreds of new toy styles make every 5 Surprise a new experience!

Unwrap, Peel & Reveal

This capsule combines the excitement of unboxing and collectability in one! Just unwrap, peel and reveal 5 cool toys hiding inside!

So Many To Collect

There are over 100 new toys in Wave 2! Find and collect new items such as sequin sparkles, funky stationery, cute pets and super rare surprises like LED watches!

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